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Be What Matters.

The self-coaching app to transform your relationship with others, yourself, & your life. 


Bounce back from heartbreak, heal the pain and rebuild your confidence. Reset your dating game to create healthy relationships, and recognise toxic patterns early. 

Learn how to navigate modern dating with success, while taking care of the most important relationship of all, the one with yourself. 

Be loved. Be Chill. Be Successful. Be What Matters. An instant coach in your pocket without the expensive price tag of 1:2:1 live sessions. Choose the area that matters to you to start.

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Play the demo below  

Let go of feeling stuck or repeating patterns, and break the dating app cycle once & for all. 

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The relationship with you, others and life is connected. Our coaching app is too.

We connect date, lifestyle and self-care coaching together, because to achieve lasting results, they have to connect. One without the other doesn't work, because your success is connected to what you think, feel and do. We call this the relationship with your inner and outer realities, and the results of life and love connect directly to it. When you master how this relationship helps or hinders results, you can change anything to your advantage. We built you a coach in your pocket to empower you to do this for yourself. If you want to improve the relationship with you, your life, and your love life, then learning how to take control of the way your own inner and outer realities work is your key to success. 

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Be Coached 

Instantly access coaching on every step of the journey to heal from heartbreak, date successfully and look after the relationship between everything, you think, feel and do, so it helps, not hinders results. Each coaching area has interconnected journaling to make it easier for you in one place.

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Be Connected

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With other members at organized live events &  Q&A sessions. You can chat, share views, laugh, and grow together because, our goal if to create a a place where no one feels alone.

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Be Chill.

Life is full of highs and lows. There will be ghosting, worries, and times when the mind goes into overdrive. You can work through it and you can choose a virtual retreat area to guide you anytime back to feeling relaxed.

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Rejection triggers the same part of the brain that processes physical pain 

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Our brains (the somatosensory cortex) can't tell the difference between a broken bone & social rejection. When someone doesn't match back on an app, text back, disappears after a date or say's those 5 words, "I want to break up". Pang. There's the pain. 


Social rejection has happens instantly. You've felt it. So have we. It's time to do something about it with something that will help just as instantly.

Our app coaching integrates human behavior insights, habit forming methods, mindfulness practices, and informed with insights from men and women around the world. Each session has been purposefully created with music and tasks to evoke feelings within you that will motivate you, uplift how you feel or relax you.


Be What Matters is for anyone who wants to turn modern dating and lifestyle blues and failure into success. For those over feeling low, annoyed, rejected, confused and ready to bounce back, feel good and achieve success in the areas that truly matter to you. 

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Our Founder, Haifa.

Haifa Barbari is a futurist, coach & author with 15 years experience in health. She's on a mission to bring the loneliness & unhappiness statistics down one person at a time. Featured on TV and magazines globally, including BBC news when her client went from swipe on a dating app, to an engagement in lock down. She created the connected coaching paths because without the connections, something will feel wrong or missing in life, even when any goal is achieved. She loves hearing from you, so feel free to connect.

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Mission: to bring the loneliness & unhappiness statistics down

We believe we can do this by creating the place where any human can go, grow, connect and never feel alone. Our app aims to be the guide by your side thats just a tap away anytime, anywhere to guide, support and connect you with other people while making your goals a reality. 

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