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Love & Life Coaching  with Haifa B.

1:2:1 Coaching & Retreats can all be accessed right here. Can't find what you're looking for? Just email and Haifa will get right back to you

Love & Life Coaching with Haifa, 

Your goal is my goal. Whatever that may be. We will achieve it. Whether you’ve come to me for a life strategy, a change or a deep dive into dating with confidence and building a relationship that fulfills the 6 words of love “I love you, as you are”. You’re in the right place.

I'll create a personal coaching plan for you and through my integrated coaching style, you’ll learn, grow and transform any or all areas of your life into a positive, focused, full life that you enjoy because you’ll be walking away with a loving, healthy relationship with yourself, anyone else and know how to live an uplifted life consistently. 

My clients say I’m the perfect balance of caring and kick ass and every client has achieved the results they wanted because my approach is backed by research, experience and tailored to exactly what each person needs.  I’d love to coach you too. Are you ready to start?

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6 weeks from single to love coaching Accelerator 

5 days of complete inner goodness, to re-set your life & love life. Walk away feeling relaxed, empowered, feeling the results immediately with your personal roadmap to bring your personal refresh to life. Coaching all personally lead by Haifa with select experts in healing, meditation, style, fitness and nutrition to complement your life & love coaching. Have we mentioned everything is integrated? If not, one area without the other doesn't last. Make the connections that matter with us.

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