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12 Tips to Manage Life in the Covid-19 Lock Down Roller Coaster

Hi everyone, most of you predicted this and now here we are again with extra measures to manage the covid-19 spread. Whether we go into a full lock down or not, our world will be up and down for a while. While that’s our reality, there are ways to stay in this rollercoaster without getting so sick that life becomes unbearable.

I’ve put together some proven daily living tips that help uplift the mind, heart and daily life, with a few key contacts that I hope finds the people who need to see it. For those who came to my Life & Love in Covid 19 event last month, you’d have heard me y’all about our hierarchy of human needs and how consciously taking care of them daily is what what self care really means. Caring for our entire self in simple, manageable and balanced ways. These tips helps you do just that with a few in there that also supports the greater good at the same time! Double benefits Give them a try and please pass on to anyone you think would benefit from seeing them too. Oh, and read all the way to the end for a final message from me! 1️⃣ If you can, choose the right living environment for you: solo or move in with friends or family 2️⃣ To help calm any mind racing thoughts, fears, sadness try a quick 5-10 minute 5 count in and out breathing exercise where your goals are to:

➡️ See/catch each thought, which will slow them down and ➡️ Refocus them onto something positive: You have the power to see/catch your thoughts and then choose an alternate thought to refocus the mind because you are an incredible human and every human has this challenge and ability to refocus Bonus: the more you do this the easier it gets and in as little as 7 days, you form new thought patterns. 30 days solidifies them 3️⃣ Download “Wysa” a FREE coaching app that’s cbt based, that you can talk/type into and it instantly responds with comforting words and access to an array of helpful self care tools PLUS, instant access to a live therapist if that’s what you also want - that part requires a fee. There are many therapy apps out there too. 4️⃣ Stay hopeful for a brighter future visualize and note down what your future looks like to you and take any small steps weekly to help that vision become reality 5️⃣ Before you sleep, reflect on 3 little joys from the day: fresh coffee, fresh air, a true friend, a simple text you received, a pet, a song...anything and there are so many things to be joyful for really. Smile, take a deep breath and say thank you that you had them in your life that day. Also known as gratitude practice, it’s good for the soul!! 6️⃣ Remember, this will pass. It will. As hard as it may be when freedom is taken away, we will eventually get past this and humans have an amazing ability to recover, create new habits quickly and forget ;). It will pass 7️⃣ Have at least one call with someone close to you a day / every two days. Connection is a fundamental human need and without it, we can become unhappy so, get in touch, stay in touch, open up to people you trust and create a safe space for them to do that with you too :) 8️⃣ Maintain a healthy immune system and body: Balance your diet with healthy foods, throw some ginger and turmeric in a smoothie, more spinach and broccoli with lunch/dins and go for daily exercise, even a walk 9️⃣ Laugh! Watch comedy, try to make up your own jokes (mine are awful but hey, doesn’t matter!) laughter is healing and produces dopamine in the brain (makes ya feel good) 1️⃣0️⃣ Listen to happy music; in fact, have a competition with yourself to choose a happy song of the day and try to beat it the next day. Music is also healing and not only does it release dopamine in the brain, it helps restore brain neurons (check out the jazz singers story, Melody Gardot, it’s incredible and might make you cry! The good kind of tears though 1️⃣1️⃣ help where you can. Many ways to do this - Leftovers to homeless, share someone’s CV if they are looking for work, just being there for people for a call, grocery shop for people who are struggling. 1️⃣2️⃣ flirt with your partner, new love interest, anyone you like, it’s fun and also releases those chemicals in the brain we all love

Key Helpline Telephone Numbers ➡️ Domestic abuse hotline UK: 0808 2000 247 ➡️ The Samaritans hotline UK: 116 123 ➡️ Domestic abuse hotline USA: 1 800 799 7233 ➡️ The Samaritans hotline USA: 1 800 273 8255 We will get through this and despite what’s going on, we must keep the flame of hope alight, in the face of this adversity there is greater kindness, awareness and appreciation among us. That’s pretty amazing. Take care of yourself, others, stay emotionally connected, safe and I hope you know you can message me anytime. It’ll never be too soon or too late. We’re all going to get through this one day at a time. Hugs and love, Haifa xx

P.S. my new daily self check-in coaching video is now available for free - sign up here to get it straight to your inbox!

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