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Haifa is an award-winning futurist from London who’s designed & created experiences for multiple health and tech companies around the world. She’s a coach, certified CBT & meditation practitioner, with 16 years experience creating behavior change strategies. Her work and app has been featured on BBC news and major media outlets.  Her clients have said she is the guide by your side that strikes just the right balance of caring and kick ass, and has brought that same experience into the app.

Haifa knows how it feels to be one of the statistics of being lonely and unhappy, and her research has found that the more technology advances, the more our social wellbeing deteriorates. She is on a mission to help reduce the statistics down through products that make is more affordable for more people to learn with ease because the statistics increase year on year.

It all started when she woke up in her NYC apartment 9 years ago, living her "best life" on the outside yet, feeling like she had died on the inside. When she cracked the code as to why, discovered other millennials and GenZ's were feeling the same way for the same reasons, she made a vow to herself that day  to give back by making it easier for others because we're in a world that makes it harder than ever connect.

Haifa was told by a Stanford University Psychology Professor & Assistant Dean she was able to capture on a single slide the human insights, challenges and solution to personal and social wellness, that would take 4 years of study to reach.  Then the Be What Matters App was born.  The space just tap away that feels like having a caring friend with you through the highs and lows of learning how the relationship of you works, it's impact on your relationships, and life. The place where success & self care coaching comes together to empower you to create lasting results, without expensive price tags.

To find our more, book Haifa to speak, interview, coach or to invest. Email Haifa now by tapping the button below. 

Our Mission

The Team: About Us

On a mission to bring the loneliness and unhappiness statistics down by creating a place for every human to go, grow and connect without ever feeling alone or judged. Ever.

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To learn more, invest, or media features, email us now by tapping the button below. We'd love to hear from you.

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